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Past Preachers

Pastors who have served our Church include


1887-1892    Rev. J.G. Venable, was called to lead through their organization period.
1892- 1898   Rev A.M. Mann   
1898 -1901   Rev. Latheo Jobe,
1901-1907    Rev. J.M. Leonard, DD.He had returned from missionary work in China..
1907 -1910   Rev. J.G.  Wingard.  
1910-1914    Rev. A. Toner Allen
1919-1922    Rev. C.M. Lowe, BH.D..  
1924-1926    Rev. E.V. Ruskin;
1927-1936    Rev. J.P. Halsell, DD He left the church debt free and a closely knit congregation.
1936- 1939   Rev. Harvey M. Throop,  Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Chicago,    
1940-1945    Rev. Paul McCleave,;  
1945-1948    Rev. John P. Sinclair,
1951-1953    Rev. A.C. Casey,
1954-1963    Rev. Howard D. Johnson from Yates Center Kansas,
1963-1965    Rev. Frank K. McDowell,
1966-1969    Rev. George Reed White
1970-1972    Rev. Robert Lee Hansen
1976-1984    Rev Alan B Smith, DD, was called from San Anselmo, CA  
1994-2012    Rev. Dr. Leslie A (Murphy) King

                      Rev. Norlita Kaul

2018             Rev. Paul Davidson "New Hope Parish"

Stated Supplies have been:
1915-1916   Rev. S. Moore,
1916-1917   Rev. J.F. Morey,
1922-1923   Rev. John A. Currie, DD,
1923-1924   Rev. A.C. Bostwick
1942-1943   Rev. David McCleave,DD.
1948-1950   Rev. James McClain,
1969-1970   Rev. Dale G. Halverstadt,
1973-1975   Rev. David P. Irwin

                     Rev. Donald Sears

                     Rev. Becky Chamberlain

                     Rev. Jean Murphy

          2018  Rev. Dr. Ronald Galvin (intentional interim)